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Selling Products and Making Money with WordPress

One of the main reasons that I started this site is a created a webinar for geocachers to learn how to use the program Geocaching Swiss Army Knife, I recorded the webinar and wanted to sell it. So I set out with the idea to create a site where i could sell some digital products.

So I went on a search to find either a plug-in or some sort of option to allow me to sell my digital products. I saw e-junkie and some other things that looked good, however e-junkie wanted me to pay at minimum $5 a month to sell things. That is not bad but I didn’t know where this was going. I didn’t know if anyone would buy my products and i didn’t know if i would get many to buy at first then be with out an income from it for several months so I didn’t want to have to pay monthly.

I found a premium plug-in for wordpress that I bought and loved. The plugin is called WP eStore. Sure I had to put down some money up front but boy am i glad that I did.

WP eStore makes it super simple to set up a store to sell digital content. I have looked at other e-store plugins before and they were hard to use but not WP eStore. It was a breeze to set up. I not only bought this plugin from the company but a few others that go nicely with it. I also bought their WP Affiliate Platform plug-in which allows me to have affiliates who are willing to help me sell my products and pay them for it too. The plugin keeps track of it all. Another plugin they have that works well with the store is WP PDF Stamper which allows me to stamp e-books that I sell with the buyers name and address and email address to discourage sharing.

Now I know that there are other free e-store options and plugin’s out there, so why did I opt to buy one? The reason is quite simple. Their customer service is amazing. So much so I will say it again. Their customer service is AMAZING. As with any third party plugins issues come up. WordPress the software for the website back end software gets updated and they change something, and sometimes it breaks plugins. Or maybe there just isn’t a feature that you wish it had. The company that creates this plug in has been more than responsive. When I had an issue with one of the plugins i just put an entry in the forums and the company developers got right back to me. My problem was solved with in one day. and if they cant walk you through something on a forum post they are more than willing to look at the back end of the website and see if they can see what is wrong. AMAZING. Your free plug-ins you may have to wait days, months, years for a solution. When your making your money with your website you simply can not have that.

If you are thinking about selling a product on your site i would recommend using WordPress eStore. If you want to check out what it looks like just check out my products page